Peter Wilkin Organics

Award winning cosmetics born from an obsession for perfection using the finest natural and organic ingredients.  These products infuse natural organics with the harmony of nature.

Blend No. 12, used for Body Oil Soothe and Hydrate and Bath Salt Sooth and Relax, is the result of over two years research sourcing and testing the finest ingredients and perfecting a unique blend.

In creating these products Dr. Peter Wilkin PhD. has distilled over twenty years of research, documentation, collection, experimentation and study of the relationship between plants, the environment, culture and health as an Ethnobotanist and Environmental Anthropologist. He has drawn on his study of the traditional healing systems and extensive field research in Central America  and the Central Andes.

Dr. Wilkin developed novel principles for plant selection and formulation based in ecological phyto-therapy using ingredients verified from both their traditional use and by scientific research.  By using ingredients selected to be ‘complete and balanced in their chemical complex’  and forming synergistic blends, it is possible to increase efficacy and uptake without increasing concentration or creating sensitisation.