Peter Wilkin Organics only use ingredients which are natural and organic.  We do not use synthetic fragrances, enhancers or ingredients for 'bulking' or 'stretching'. 


INCI                            Lavandula Angustifolia   

Common name         English Lavender

Aroma: English Lavender has a truly unique fragrance.  Milder than other Lavender varieties, the English variety has a softer sweeter depth to the middle and base note.  The latitude the lavender is grown at  and low yield of the variety mean the essential oil does not have the sharp upper camphor note and makes this one of the most sought after aroma.  

Properties:   Relaxing, toning, calming.

The essential oil of English lavender has a broad spectrum and complete profile without peaks in a particular component, recommended for sensitive skin.


INCI                          Anthemis nobilis

Common name       Roman Chamomile

Aroma: Roman chamomile has a soft sweet apple scent. A light fresh aroma which is both uplifiting and calming.

Properties:  Helps to relax and calm stress.

Roman chamomile is the softer of the chamomile species and recommended for use with children and sensitive skin.


INCI                         Maris Sal

Common name      Dead Sea Minerals

Composition:  Rich in essential minerals including magnesium over 30 %, calcium, sodium and potassium. 

A combination of minerals which help to draw out toxins and replace minerals lost from stresses of everyday life.  Dead sea mineral salts have important minerals which are considered to be lacking in diet and are gained through transdermal absorption at higher rates than by digestion.